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Update Schedule

March April to September October November to February  
Your Time Zone Local Update Times
Interim 1 Interim 2 Final
UTC/GMT 20:30 21:30 23:00
Sydney 07:30 08:30 10:00
Japan, Korea 05:30 06:30 08:00
China, Hong Kong, Singapore 04:30 05:30 07:00
India 02:00 03:00 04:30
Moscow 23:30 00:30 02:00
Eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey 23:30 00:30 02:00
South Africa 22:30 23:30 01:00
Central Europe, Germany, France, Italy 22:30 23:30 01:00
United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal 21:30 22:30 00:00
New York, Montreal 16:30 17:30 19:00
Chicago, Kansas City, Winnipeg 15:30 16:30 18:00

Update times marked in red represent times on the following day.

Daylight Savings Time transitions occur during March, April, October and November. As different countries switch on different days, as well as in different months, the Schedule may sometimes be out by an hour for your particular time zone. Such discrepancies should only persist for a few days during transition periods.

Edition Regions Covered
Interim 1 Asia Pacific, Europe
Interim 2 International, North America, South America
Final International

The Editions are "incremental", with each building on the previous until the Final Edition covers everything. Users may update as often as they like in order to obtain the latest Edition (or a revised version of the latest Edition). Times shown are approximate. If data is missing from one Edition, it may be included in a later revison of that Edition. Otherwise, it should appear in the Final Edition.