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What We Do

Premium Data provides end-of-day data update services, and historical daily data, for selected exchanges and markets across Stocks, Futures and Forex. There is an easy-to-use Windows-based updating application for each of these security types.

The data is held in the "MetaStock" data format and can be accessed by any charting or analysis program that reads this format.

Please Note!

A basic charting program ("Premium Charts") is installed along with any of our updating programs for the benefit of subscribers who don't have a suitable charting package of their own. The Forex data can also be updated in ascii/csv. For Stocks and Futures, we have tools available to convert the historical data to ascii.

Our updating services are reliable. Furthermore, our set-ups are easy to recover. Separate history and program installers are always available to current subscribers from our Downloads area in the event of hard-drive failure, virus attack, machine upgrade etc.

Premium Data is operated by a licensed data vendor for the Australian Securities Exchange, the CME Group, the London Metals Exchange and other exchanges. We also have licensing arrangements with leading index providers and upstream suppliers such as Thomson Reuters and S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Service Information

Sep 3, 2020

Futures Service Addition
EUA (European Union emission Allowances) has been added to the Futures service. Further information and instructions on how to add this new market can be found on the Update Window in DataTools (and here).

Jul 28, 2020

Futures Service Addition
UK Natural Gas has been added to the Futures service. Further information and instructions on how to add this new market can be found on the Update Window in DataTools (and here).

Jun 29, 2020

Premium Data program upgrade
An automatic program upgrade will be released on Monday, July 6. For details, please see here.

Jan 15, 2020

Market Breadth Indicators - change to methodology
This change to methodology affects all index-based indicators measuring new highs and lows, such as "S&P 500 52W New Highs". It doesn't affect similar exchange-based indicators, such as "NYSE 52W New Highs", which we don't calculate ourselves. For the indicators in question, the figure is now based on the Close price rather than the High or Low of the day, as this is the more generally-accepted method. All the indicators have been re-generated from scratch on a new platform.

Aug 28, 2018

MetaStock™ v16 - significant upgrade

For information about how the upgrade to version 16.1.18229 better accommodates our "Local Data", please see here.

Jun 1, 2018

Norgate Data Updater platform released

We have developed an entirely new and separate updating platform ("NDU") that interfaces directly with back-testing applications such as AmiBroker and RightEdge and has a website of its own.

An overview of NDU and how to switch to it can be found here.

Free Trial

Free 3-week trials are available for all of our data updating services. The trials include full functioning versions of our updating programs along with free shortened data histories. There is no obligation to subscribe. Register for a trial.

Premium Data Converter

The Premium Data Converter is available free-of-charge to subscribers and trial users. It converts our "MetaStock" format historical data to ascii/csv with many configurable parameters so that you can get the exact type of text data that you need. More information.

World Exchange Times

You can find a list of World Exchange Times and the current trading status of the stock markets that we cover here.

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