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This is an interactive pricing tool. To calculate the price of various combinations, simply the Subscription Options and Data Histories of choice, and the results will be shown for you.
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AUD Cost
per Month1
Premium Data - Stock Market Data
Australian Securities Exchange (Stocks) End of Day Updates

6 months
12 months

Progressive Snapshots
additional $5.00
Historical Data for Currently-listed Australian Securities Exchange (Stocks)Currently-listed ASX Data 10 Year History
single time fee

Add-on: Currently-listed ASX Data History back to 1992
additional $90.00
single time fee

US Stock Markets End of Day Updates

6 months
12 months

Historical Data for Currently-listed US StocksCurrently-listed US Data History back 10 years
single time fee

Add-on: Currently-listed US Data History back to 1985
additional $160.00
single time fee

DataTools - Futures Contracts and Commodities Data
Futures & Cash Markets End of Day Updates

6 months
12 months

Historical Data for Futures & Cash MarketsComplete Futures Data History
additional $180.00
single time fee

TOTAL ALL SUBCRIPTIONS (excluding taxes)

1: 12 month subscriptions are 10% cheaper than 6 month subscriptions on a per month basis.   We encourage you to consider a 12 month subscription.

Click HERE to subscribe.

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