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Free Trial

If you have previously registered with us (either as a subscriber or for a free trial) enter your Username and Password below to log-in.


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3-week free trials are available for each of our data update services:

  • ASX or U.S. Stocks - updated via the "Premium Data" program
  • Futures - updated via the "DataTools" program

The updating programs are fully functional for a trial, and an abbreviated data history is available for each market type. To run a trial, you will need to install -

  1. the relevant updating program (or programs), and
  2. the associated trial history (or histories)

A link to our Downloads area will appear at the end of the registration process. Inside the Downloads area, you will see separate installers for the updating program(s) and trial histories.

Note - Norgate will treat any personal information as confidential.

If you no longer wish to continue with a trial, just let the 3-week trial period elapse. Each updating program is easily uninstalled.
If you wish to extend a trial, or run a second trial, please contact us to arrange it. Unauthorised repeat trials of the same service will be detected and cancelled.