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Our US Stocks subscription package updates listed securities on an end-of-day basis.

Please note: We don't cover stock options or unlisted Mutual Funds.

The data is organised by Exchange (Layout & Security Types) and includes ETFs, ETNs and Closed-end Funds.

The Historical Database is fully (and consistently) adjusted for capital events (splits, capital returns, demergers etc) which allows trading strategies to be back-tested on a constant capital basis (there is no adjustment for ordinary cash dividends). Regular Database Maintenance keeps the data in good order.

A "Market Close" update edition is available at about 5:00 pm NY time with the "Final" edition being available at around 10:00 pm NY time. Please see Update Times for information about how these New York times translate to your location in the world at different times of the year.

Finally, our powerful Custom Folders feature allows you create a variety of folders that hold just the securities from sectors of the market you are interested in.