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> Release of the 'Norgate Data Updater' platform
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- How to switch from Premium Forex to Norgate Data Forex
- Premium Data program upgrade (Apr 5, 2021)
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Release of the "Norgate Data Updater" platform

On June 1, 2018 we released a new service called Norgate Data along with a new updating platform called "Norgate Data Updater" ("NDU" for short). Norgate Data is not an upgrade to the existing products and services offered by "Premium Data" which will continue as before. Instead, it is an entirely separate platform. Norgate Data has its own website, subscription system, data packages, pricing levels and customer accounts - all completely independent of Premium Data.

Norgate Data - who is it for?

Norgate Data was designed with the goal of providing a superior data environment for "system testers".

Whereas Premium Data provides data in the "MetaStock" format, which allows the data to be accessed by any of the numerous charting/analysis applications that can read that format, Norgate Data uses its own proprietary database format. Direct access to the database is provided by way of plugins into supported 3rd-party charting/analysis applications, like AmiBroker, Python, RealTest, RightEdge, and WealthLab. In addition, it's possible to export historical price data (but not other data features) in ASCII and MetaStock formats.

For AmiBroker users in particular, Norgate Data's dedicated AmiBroker plug-in offers a better solution than Premium Data's "integration scripts" and the platform as a whole offers more advanced software, features and additional types of data. The MetaStock format has 7 pre-defined fields and can only hold data for those fields; because Norgate Data has its own extensible database format, it can deliver things like "fundamentals" that were always beyond Premium Data's scope. It can also provide the same data for stocks configured in different ways.

Some key Norgate Data features

User-configurable data

Premium Data delivers stock market data adjusted for capital events (splits, reverse splits, capital returns etc.) but not for ordinary cash dividends. Therefore it doesn't provide "total return" data. With Norgate Data, the plugins allow the data to be adjusted as the user sees fit, with the ability to switch back and forth between un-adjusted data and data adjusted by 3 different methods. The data can also be adjusted to provide for different forms of "date padding" (filling in days with the previous close where the stock or the market didn't trade).

Access to historical index constituents

This important feature for system testers allows back-testing to be performed against historical index universes - such as the ASX All Ordinaries or S&P 500 - without "survivorship bias".

FAQs for Premium Data subscribers interested in "switching" to Norgate Data

Can you convert my currently active Premium Data update subscription to a Norgate Data subscription?

Not directly. "Premium Data" and "Norgate Data" operate as completely independent services, each having its own customer database and subscription system. Also, the data packages are not directly comparable.

To have a Norgate Data subscription, you need to actually take one out, as we can't do that for you. However, you can effectively "switch" to the new Norgate Data service by requesting to have remaining Premium Data subscription time converted to additional Norgate Data time on a pro rata basis. In that way, you aren't "paying double".

Also, before subscribing, contact us to have a coupon code emailed to you as a current (active) Premium Data subscriber. Then enter the coupon code in the Order Form when subscribing to Norgate Data to get a discount on the price of your initial subscription.

How to request a subscription conversion

Are there any important differences between a "Premium Data" subscription and a "Norgate Data" subscription?

Yes! There is one very important difference. With Premium Data, historical data is a separate purchase. If a subscription to updates is allowed to lapse, you can still make use of the data. NDU works as a subscription-only model and historical data cannot be purchased separately. If a subscription is allowed to lapse, the data can no longer be accessed.

Can my existing historical data be used by Norgate Data?

No. Your existing data is in the MetaStock format and Norgate Data can only read its own database format. In any case, your existing MetaStock format data simply doesn't contain the information that Norgate Data needs to deliver its advertised features.

Can I retain my existing data for use in AmiBroker and other applications that can read the Metastock format?

Yes - of course. But if you elect to switch to Norgate Data and convert remaining Premium Data subscription time, you should take care to make a back-up copy of the MetaStock format data history, as you would no longer be able to download a replacement should it go missing. Either make a back-up copy of the currently-installed history, or download the latest history installer(s) for backing-up before switching to Norgate Data.

Premium Data supplies hundreds of pre-generated sector/industry Watchlists for Amibroker, but these are missing from Norgate Data. Why is that?

These Watchlists haven't actually been required since AmiBroker first supported additional industry classification functionality with version 5.30.1. For instance, if you want to know which Energy Sector stocks are contained in the S&P 500 index, or the S&P/ASX 300 Index, you can work that out without having to wade through hundreds of other similar Watchlists that you aren't necessarily interested in.

In addition, Norgate Data offers users the ability to create their own "dynamic" Watchlists for use in AmiBroker through its powerful "Watchlist Library" feature.